Choosing Online Casino Games

Online casinos coast a wide range of games. Some of the biggest casinos online have close to 200 games which is great. Choosing which game to play can however be an overwhelming task sometimes. It is worth knowing that there is no right game or wrong game, there is only the game that you prefer at a given moment. Here are some classifications that may assist you in knowing which online casino game to choose.

Strategic Skill or Pure Luck

For Strategic skill games such as poker, one has to engage his strategic thinking skills where he attempts to predict and counter his opponent’s moves. For “Pure Luck” games such as bingo, the win could fall on any player and is not influenced by the player’s thinking. The player may however increase their chances of winning by increasing their presence in the game through dealing more. Choose the game which suits you at a particular time. For example, do not choose to play a game of poker when you are tired. Poker requires a lot of strategic thinking and attention to detail, which you are unlikely to do when you are tired. Choose a game for pure luck in such times.

Slots Games

Slot games are a type of “pure luck” games which involve selecting and matching items. They often have a jackpot for winners whose selected items match the game’s items completely. You may stand to win quite an amount with judi bola.

High Stakes or Low Stake


Some games have low house edge which means the player’s bankroll lasts longer. Such games are“low stake”. Games such as Blackjack and Craps fall in this category. The payouts of these games are usually lower but the stakes are also low enough to keep you enjoying the game without the pressure of winning. Some games such as Let It Ride Poker have high house edge but bigger financial reward as well in the case of a win.

Games with Jackpots and High Payouts

Games such as Slots and Roulette Have high payouts and may see you walking away with a bounty financial reward in jackpots. Most “pure luck” games fall in this category. Choosing a game in this category will allow you to have easy fun as you win.

Terms and Conditions

Choose a game whose terms and conditions suit you. Some games for example will require you to play several times before you are paid out. Some will require you to bet with bigger chunks of bank roll.

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