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Life is unpredictable in itself. Life is a journey that is different for everyone. It varies from person to person. It is not the same for any two people even if the two people are related in some way. Each person has a journey that they alone have to go through. People around can help one another but, no one can go through someone else’s journey for them.

What are the necessities?

The journey of life begins from the time a person comes into this world that is take birth and continues as one age. This journey of life ends when with the person’s death. Each person has a unique journey to go through. Since each person is different from one another in terms of personality, likes dislikes etc. It is what leads to the different journeys of life for people. Life is a big roller coaster ride and, everyone has to go through it.

To go through life one needs a few essential things that are necessities. These necessities include air, food, water, shelter and money. One cannot possibly manage to go through life without these with them. These are needed by not some but all people. Air is one of the necessities in life that is free but, the rest is not free and have to be earned. Money is one of the necessities that one cannot manage without. It is one of the basic things that all need no matter which part of the world one is living in.

Lottery Online


Money is the method of exchange used all over the world. Having money that is sufficient to meet one’s basic needs and spend on things that one wants or likes is a privilege for many. Having money has its benefits such as:

  • It can give one sense of security
  • It gives a person freedom to be own boss
  • It allows a person to do what they like and follow their passion
  • It allows one to get all that they desire

 These are some of the endless benefits one gets when they have money. No one will ever say that they don’t want extra money. Money is something that can never be enough. One can make some extra money by playing the lottery. People can play the malaysia lottery online as and when they have time on their busy date and earn as much as possible. It will be beneficial for all to have some extra money.

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