Play Live Baccarat Sqeeze with Real Dealers Online

Baccarat Squeeze is a classic baccarat variant designed by Evolution Gaming. The dealer of the game gradually reveals the face-down cards that add the fun element of the game, anticipation, and a surprise to the gameplay. In the traditional baccarat gameplay, the dealer deals the two cards face-up, both to the Player and Banker. The cards are dealt facing down and the dealer reveals them one-by-one. The cards are revealed according to the bets placed, the dealer squeezes the cards for the biggest total bet and opens the remaining hand. In this game, card squeezing doesn’t have any worth and doesn’t have an impact on the result of the game, only it adds suspense and tension. While in a Live Baccarat Squeeze game, live video features are enjoyed by the players, in which the camerawork amazingly captures all the distances and angles in the game. 

The live video features

Indeed, the live baccarat game is an updated and upgraded variant that gives more excitement to the game. During the squeezing phase, the camera zooms and another camera will show the dealer from a different angle while the third camera shows a close-up view of the dealer’s cards and hands. All are delivered in a high-quality, giving real-life baccarat gameplay. The users can change the video quality by modifying the four options, customizing the video stream is applicable. The squeeze feature of the game adds more excitement. Try the live baccarat at live baccarat squeeze and experience more suspense gameplay. The video delivers the best characteristics and high definition. If you have that James Bond’s style

Squeezing of cards on the game

Squeezing cards in the game doesn’t have an impact on the outcome of the game. The person who does the HD cameras squeezing may take control of revealing the cards for the selected bets, either on the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. Although squeezing may only add excitement and suspense to the game, it is still believed that doing the thing causes delay, which will blow away the bad numbers. The only person allowed to touch the card for squeezing is the player with the biggest bet or someone selected.

Live Baccarat Sqeeze

The standard rules

The other rules of the game remained the same. Any of the players with a total hand of 8 or 9 declares the winner. If the player received cards in with a total between 0-5, taking the third card is done next. A player does not receive another card when they have a total hand of 6 or 7. When the player doesn’t receive a third card, the banker plays the same rule, which is applied to the players. As a player draws a third card, the action of the banker will be decided based on the third card.

The specifics of the game

Live baccarat squeeze variant is played with 8 decks of cards. The value of the card followed the baccarat ranking system. Aces worth one point, 2-9 are counted through their pips, while all the 10s are valued as zero. The bet can be placed on the player, the banker, and or the tie. The pays out will be 1:1 for the player while the banker has 1:0.95. Two cards, to both banker and the player. The dealer moves one of the small blocks indicating which hands will be squeezed. The third card rule will apply and it depends on the total card’s value of the hand.

All interested baccarat players would have to try this variant of the live baccarat game as it offers a more exciting card game experience than the traditional variant.

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