Online poker basics for beginners


Poker is one of the most popular online games today. Although it exists over two decades, now it has become even popular, since it’s easy to play it online for real money on Joker123. Credits to the internet; for making Poker popular to wide range of people.

Popularity and facts

The reason for its popularity varies from fun, entertaining, strategic…. etc., let’s stick to the entertainment part of it for now. The game is so fun, because you never know what is going to happen next and you are on the verge to beat your opponent, which brings the competitive spirit of the game. There is always an uncertainty in the game, like, you never know what cards are going to be dealt next, what decisions to make, what card your opponent’s hold. Keeping all these in mind and coming out with a decision is a fact that makes this game most appealing to the players.

Another fact that makes online poker more interesting is that, its budget friendly. Some poker sites allow you to play the tournaments for free but still has the chance of winning some money

In simple terms, Poker is easy to learn but hard to master it. Once you understand the rules, hand rankings, how the betting works, then it’s easy to play.

Methods of the game

  1. Cash game

How to play?

 To join in this, the player has to buy in first (there are min and max values applicable). Your chips will have real money value. For e.g.: If you put $5 in a pot and you win the bet, that means you have won $5 of real money. Usually, it involves 2 to 10 players, playing in single table. They have a fixed blind level which does not change during the course of the game.

Remember, you cannot, take back your chips in the middle until you completely get out of the table.

  1. Poker Tournaments

Unlike cash game, tournaments are little complex. Since, there are diverse structures and formats involved.


Tournaments are in single/multiple tables. Which means number of players involved can be two or n number. Unlike cash game, most of the tournaments have time frames, which are set by the host before starting the game. Mostly this type of game is played across tables.

There is another tournament where there is no time frame. Usually, these type of tournaments two to ten players are involved and is mostly played in single table.

How to play?

To enter a tournament, you will be asked to pay the entry fee, for which you will be given chips called stacks. Once you lose all your chips your game is over. There is no way to buy additional chips like in case if cash game.

The chips in tournament do not have real money value. The players get their reward based on their finishing positions. The last man standing with all the chips will be declared as the winner. And the reward will be based on the pay structure chosen by the host. There are no fixed rules or regulations on how the pay-out should go.

These are the very basic details of the online poker game. Hope to get into their details in the next write-up.

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