Fundamental rules

Several card games and its rules in slots:

Hit: To take another card  a player hit in a desire that he may get another card which can reach him to total of 21, however if the player takes card and the total turns to be more than 21 then the player losses the bet. In shoe game the signals for the player for hit is pointing towards his card, scratch the card or wave his hand towards him. You cannot ask for hit by speaking. The main reason for having signals is to capture the action done by the players so that if any dispute arise it can be solved by the checking the recordings. In face down game the player select the hit by scratching his card on the table which there playing on.A slot is card game the aim of which is to get cards whose total is higher than the operator but it should not be more than 21. You can find slot game along with all the other table games in the online casino sites. Each game is specified under one section like all slot online games can be found under the name slot machine games etc. Let us discuss few rules of the table slot  games. For more information visit website

Stand: If you stand that means you have chosen not to take any more cards in hope that that total which he has is enough to beat the operator. In face up game the player stand up with crushed hand on his cards. And in the facedown game the player stand by sliding the card under the bet amount.

Double down: When you select this option that means that you wanted to take another card by doubling your original bet. In facedown game if you are availing the double down then you need to put you two cards with face up along with the doubling your bet amount.

Split: This option is used when the first two cards of any player comes of same number then the player can take a decision of making second bet with the same betting amount as of first. The first two cards are split by taking one in each hand. For example if your first two cards are 9 then both the 9 cards are split and kept separately. Then the second bet two cards are taken and one card is kept on one nine card and the other card is with operator. The player will use that set of card to continue, once the player stand or bust the operator will keep the second card on the second 9 card. The player starts playing that hand.

Insurance: You can take insurance total of the half the original bet amount if the operator has an ace as face up card. The player takes insurance with confidence that the operator has a 10 value card to complete the blackjack. If the operator has the blackjack then the player losses the original bet amount, however as the operator has the ace the player wins the insurance bet amount with 2-1 playoffs.

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