Online slots are easy to learn, understand, and play. But you have to remember that winning is more than just spinning the reel and waiting for the outcome. The online slot machines are not only reels and symbols. Yes, most online casinos now use Random Number Generator systems, but the stats and percentages are still crucial to learn, especially if you are playing for real money at 918kiss.

Understanding the RTP in Slots

When playing online slots, it has a theoretical Return to Player (RTP) score. The RTP is usually expressed in percentage. The RTP represents the amount that the layer can expect to gain back after playing the games, like the house edge in the games blackjack or baccarat. For a slots game with 98% RTP, this means that you get $98 for every $100 bet that you have made.

How Variance Affects the RTP

Some seasoned players who fully understand how RTP works know that what you see is not always what you get. That means the results are not always in line with what the expected RTP is. This is because of the ‘variance’ which is the natural part of the entire mathematical process of the game. RTP is usually mistaken for the variance, or vice-versa. Yes, these two terms are closely related, but they are not the same.

Variance is the way n which the RTP is realized. For example, you could bet $150 on the game with 98% RTP yet you only get back $60. That might not seem right, but if you take a look at all the results that you received and plot them on a graph, you will realize that they are gearing towards the pre-set RTP. And because of the variance, there is no way of saying how the session will end based on the RTP. Just remember that games with higher RTP are usually the better choice compared to those with lower RTP.

RTP in Progressive Jackpots

In most cases, progressive jackpots greatly influence the RTP rates in slots. The slots games that are a part of progressive jackpots may have a certain RTP rate. Still, a part of that RTP will be realized when the jackpot is won. That means if you don’t win the jackpot at, you will be playing the game with an RTP that is lower than what is advertised with the game.

Understand the RTP and how it affects every slot game is crucial. Knowing what happens behind the reels and symbols can help you better understand how the game really works. This way, it can be of use to you if you are playing towards winning better prizes.