If you are searching for better gaming to achieve the greatest gambling profit and thrilling experience, then Sic Bo gambling game would a perfect choice for you. By hearing the name many would be struck in confusion whether this type of gambling game exists in casinos or not? To your surprise, the Sic Bo game is the newest in online wagers which were a real gambling play played by people in olden days. In present, this game is widely famous among online gamblers too as ไฮโล dice game.

Need to know how the game is played online? Continue further to know all about the Sic Bo game. The Sic Bo game is well known as three dice table games as it is involved with three dice for playing. Even though it is a dice game, its gameplay is unique from other dice games such as roulette. Here the dealer shakes all three dice well, was players supposed to make their bets.

Here players have several betting’s for example; if you choose the number range from 1-6, maybe 3 it stands in small bet when dice roll on there are possibilities for all 3’s, two 3’s or 3 in single dice. If all 3’s displayer you won the game with 1:180 pay will be credited to your bank instantly, if it is 3 on one dice you would be paid with 1:1 payout. Still, there are different betting’s available in Sic Bo game check down to know further.

Play Sic Bo games

Know bets available in Sic Bo game before starting yours:

When it is said Sic Bo game majority of people aware with common betting small/high were apart from these bets there are several other bets also available which you should know before สมัครไฮโลออนไลน์ได้เงินจริง for play. Check below.

  • Big – Here the sum of dice should fall between 11-17 including triples like three 3’s, 1’s, and so on. Here pay off would be 1:1.
  • Small – Like big bet here dice sum would fall in between 4 -10 excluding triple and the payout is same 1:1.
  • Odd / Even – The dice sum would be an odd number / even number excluding triples and the payout is 1:1.
  • Specific triples – All three dice hold specific numbers here the payout would be 150:1 which may get vary based on the country you are playing.
  • Specific doubles – Specific number in any two dice, here payoff would be 8:1 depends on the country in play.
  • Any triple – Here three dices holds any same number and payout be 30:1

All these are different battings available in the Sic Bo game and you have the combinations pay off which would get differed from all. So what else more get into a reputed, trustworthy site like https://gtrbet.com/sicbo to start you Sic Bo play in safer hands.