Baccarat Terms: Words Not Every Player Knows About

The popularity of both land-based and online Baccarat keeps on rising. Most beginners choose this as their starting game because it is easy to learn. Despite the easy gameplay, its variants have terms that can confuse inexperienced players. You can try a game at สูตรบาคาร่า SA Gaming to get familiar with more terms.


The name of the game also refers to the worst hand in this game which has a zero value.


This Baccarat version is a game played at two conjoined tables with the banker in the middle.


This is the process of discarding the top three to six cards after shuffling before the game starts.

Card counting

It refers to a popular Baccarat strategy to predict the probability of winning. A player counts cards by keeping track of the played cards.

Chemin de Fer

This version of Baccarat has one player as part of the bank. They take wagers and deal cards.


The small fee the house collects upon winning bets is also known as the commission.


A dealer or the person who oversees betting at a casino table game is also called a croupier.

Dragon bonus

It refers to a popular side bet. It is when players bet on Player or Banker and also wager on differential between hands.

Face cards

Cards with a face on it are what you call face cards. These are the Jack, Queen, and King. An Ace is sometimes considered a face card.

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It describes the action of placing bets.

Flat bet

Placing a flat bet means wagering a similar bet amount no matter if the hand is a winning or a losing one.

High roller

A player who makes large money by making risky bets at casinos is also known as a high roller.

La Grande

The best hand in Baccarat, which is a natural nine, is the La Grande.

La Petite

The natural eight hand is what you call La Petite.


A player can play with borrowed money. To do so, that player needs to sign a piece of paper called a marker.


This is a colloquial term which also refers to any face card. 


Croupiers use this long, stick-like tool to move cards and chips on a table.

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