How to play sic-bo online with some best strategies?

There is no surprise if you have not heard of even the name of this game as other casino games like roulette, craps, slots have taken up the favourite places. This is one of the ancient games which is said to be originated from China and is called by different names in every countries. Even the smaller casinos have this game for players, but there seem to be no demand than the other games. Do you want to try our sic-bo but couldn’t find it anywhere around the land based casinos near you? Checkout sa gaming 168 which is a hub for various new as well as traditional games.

Here we could help you understand the game on high level, so that it would be easy to understand as a beginner. Read below,

  • This game is played both online as well as offline and it has a table similar to roulette or crap which seems to be a bit complex. But as even the image can be deceiving sometimes, the process of understanding it will be easier when you try to learn. The first step like in other casino games would be to place bets only. There are several areas available on the game table where the player can make bets by placing chips on the place. This is a dice game which involves three dices which the dealer will roll for the outcome after the bet is made on the outcome.

  • The player can make bets on either the sum of the numbers of the dice outcome or just the numbers of the dice. The player can always make his/her own choice on this bet making. When the outcome is known, the result of either the player winning or losing the bet is determined. This is the normal flow of the game where as the player can follow some winning strategies to improve the level of gaming. The player has to concentrate more on how to make valuable bets by covering more odds for winning the game. There are two types of bets that can be made, small and large bets. One has to decide the bet amount based on the number or sum of numbers that is chosen as the outcome.

This is how a sic-bo game is played around the world both offline and online. Checkout sa gaming 168 to play sic-bo online with the live feature.