Know How Situs Poker Online Emerged

Situs Poker online, the game reigning the world of cards. A game so good that it has gone online for the enthusiasts won’t have to work much on their ‘poker face’. The traditional venue culture was sparse and was less affordable due to several reasons. Meanwhile, the era of the online poker has completely eliminated those drawbacks to the sacred game. Moreover, the online era has increased the number of poker players in huge amounts worldwide. Christiansen Capital Advisors stated online poker turnovers raised from $82.7 million in 2001 to $2.4 billion in 2005. Let’s get to know about this game a little better, shall we?

The First ‘Virtual Deal’

The very first real money Situs Poker online game was dealt on January 1, 1998 on Planet Poker. Author Mike Caro became the first ever face of this platform. Soon, these online games became passports to the real-life poker tournaments with Chris Moneymaker winning his entry to the World Series Of Poker in year 2003, beginning the ‘poker boom’. Year 2004 World Series was attended by thrice players as in 2003 with Greg Raymer being the winner who also happens to be an alike entry. By the time of February 2010, there were roughly 545 online poker websites. was the largest online poker site ranked through the greatest number of players online at the same time. The website became the largest publicly traded company when businessman David Baazov initiated a takeover bid costing $4.9 billion.

Playing Online Poker

Can They Cheat?

Discussion forums have always argued allegedly about the fair play of the Situs Poker online.

  • They claim that the card dealing is favourable to the employed players of the website or bots, or the newbies get multiple good hands to encourage them for increasing their bets.
  • However, this dispute was cleared by experimental testimonies which inferred against the claims. Many people argue that the rake (commission fee charged by the online room) is profitable enough for the servers do not need to plot crook and unnecessary attempts to do so is rather foolish.
  • Players claim that they see more ‘bad beats’ on the server game than in real life. This can feasibly be caused as larger hand per hour rate as compared to a real dealer, as the time consumed by the dealer to shuffle, collect cards and deal is eliminated.

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