Online Casino Games with the Greatest Amount of Payout

If you love playing games online, perhaps, you might be wondering which could be the best online casino games to play with when it comes to payout. But the question is, are there any games where you can beat it by using strategies and skills? Is there such a game in which you the player has the edge to win the game? Well, read this article to feed your curiosity.

A perfect online casino game would be equivalent to 100% payout, and a 0% house edge, which means you can play all you want without losing any big bucks. So, if the game has a 99% payout, and 1% house edge, meaning you’ll still lose 1% in the long run.

Remember, it is a no-brainer tactic to play an online casino game with more than 5% house edge and to shock you; there’s plenty of these games that can be found on a different platform – but not in judi online.

List of Highest Paying Online Casino Games

Here is the list of the highest paying casino games that can make you rich.

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  1. Video Poker (100.71% Payout) 

If you want to get rich in playing online casino games, you should master all the strategies and techniques in this game – video poker.

 Though there are different variants of this game, and the payouts also differ from online casino to online casino. Meaning, it is crucial to pick the appropriate version of video poker that can make your calculation go smooth as you expect.

It is essential to be knowledgeable about the different versions of this online casino game. As a player, you must check the paytable before making a wage, also, have a strategy prepared on hand.

  1. Craps (100% Payout) 

Technically speaking, Craps has the Pass bet which makes it the most fundamental bet in Craps. Also, it has a house edge of 0.42 to 1.41%, which makes it the most tempting game with almost a fair bet.

On the other hand, Don’t Pass has a lower house edge of 0.40% up to 1.40%, and the Odds is an additional bet that’s created after a particular point is thrown – it has a 0.00% house edge, making it a total freaking fair bet.

Though no player can have an edge on the house, it can make the game fair and, so you’ll enjoy making a bet on this for a long time without losing a significant amount of money.

    1. Blackjack (99.72% Payout) 

This online casino game also considered being a fair game according to its paytable. The player may reduce the house edge up to 0.50% if the player is knowledgeable about the mathematical strategy.

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