The Reality of Bola88

Gambling has been a common practice in societies all over the world since time immemorial. It lures people in with the possibility of earning “free money” by taking a chance. Online gambling, much like alcoholism and drug use, can develop into addiction without one being even conscious about it. Gambling can be in the form of card games, sports betting, and casino machines. However, in recent times, governments have enforced strict laws on the practice of gambling and establishing casinos. Thus, these practices have shifted to a new and less regulated platform, the internet. But what exactly is the reality of online gambling at Bola88?

Mental and pathological effects

People who gamble online developmental disorders and conditions. They are prone to developing anxiety and depression. They start to base their self-identity on their losses and wins. They characterize their self-worth by the results of their online gambling and thus are vulnerable to suicidal thoughts. Despite the common misconception that gambling makes one sharper and more observant, however, the reality of online gambling is that gamblers gradually start losing their memory capacity as well as their logical and analytic reasoning skills.


Lifestyle changes

An online gambling addict leads to neglect of all other aspects of an individual’s life. They do not identify with society and prioritize gambling over everything else in their lives. This leads to poor hygiene, deviation from social norms and duties, and increases the chances of their falling victim to other addictions such as alcoholism, drug-addictions to help them cope with the effects of huge losses and downfalls.

Social effects

Online gambling addiction leads to the person being increasingly detached from society. They spend all their time gambling online, and this results in a complete loss of human social contact. They start to lie subconsciously and also have lowered emotional quotients. They start to be treated as social deviants and face social boycott. They become vulnerable to criminal influences and fraudulent activities.

Economic effects

The economy as a whole, as well as the personal finances of the individual, is adversely affected by online gambling. People addicted to online gambling invest all their time, money and efforts on gambling. They neglect their jobs and personal expenses and end up losing all their money in online casinos and card games. They may also fall into debt and therefore try to pay off their debt by instilling more faith in online gambling. But the reality of online gambling is that the mass economy is also affected by these individual habits. The overall productivity of the masses is significantly reduced, and economic inequalities due to underhand gambling practices is further widened.

Underhand gambling habits

Online gambling leads to a level of social detachment and also relies on the external usage of computers and servers in handling money. This means that the money involved in gambling transactions is vulnerable to underhand hacking tactics by criminal groups and organizations to both affect the online gambling system to be in their favour as well as through third-party intervention and theft of money.

It is therefore evident that while Bola88 seems like an easy and harmless alternative to traditional gambling methods, but the reality of online gambling is that it is just as addictive and harmful as traditional gambling techniques, if not more so.

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