Salient Features of Soccer Gambling Agent of Indonesia

Official Soccer Agent of Indonesia

Welcome to gambling site of Luxury138 that is both Soccer and Poker and Domino official site of Indonesia. It being Asia’s largest and trusted online Soccer agent also offers 1.2% commission to the registered players who visit this site to bet online. Be the next to join this site which more than tens of thousands of gambling enthusiasts had accessed since its release in 2015 benefiting their best services that are offered online.Hence join this football gambling site that allows their players to bet on other games with same gambling account making their betting hassle free. It is also certified by PACGOR which gave it international recognition and guarantees it as the most trusted soccer gambling agent.So why not join this safe and reliable Situs Judi Online to predict the ball game that is gateway to enter into jackpot round for making more money. This site is best supported with HTML5 software that is available on browsers of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer which are widely popular to surf on internet for various purposes. Use your any old or new Android phone, blackberry, iPhone, tablet or computer to visit this site directly without downloading its application that is waste of time.

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Salient Features of Soccer Gambling Agent of Indonesia:

  1. Luxury138 is Asia’s No:1 soccer gambling agent site that is official site of Indonesia to offer other games such as Poker, Domino, Baccarat slots, horse racing, e-games, casino and many more on just single account. Use your gambling account once deposited the minimum amount of Rs.20, 000 at the time of registration to avail their weekly commission of 1.2% to bet online on any Sbobet game. At present this Sbobet is divided into 3 betting markets namely C-Sport (CMD368), I-Sport (IBCBET) and O-Sport (M88). Choose the one which you are familiar to bet online.
  2. Become a loyal member of this mobile gambling site that is easy to access on any smartphone, tablet and computer which makes the player to take hassle free decisions right from the comfort of their home or office. Be it any time log in on this site to gamble online using your attractive bonus those are proven to be highly beneficial to bet online as they are 100% safe and reliable which tens of thousands of players had already availed to bet on soccer game.
  3. Make sure you have good internet connection as all the transactions are done online and it is advisable to open an account in BRI, BCA, BNI and mandiri that are registered by Indonesia government to transfer their funds into gambling account.Better use the above mentioned browsers that best support the HTML5 software to visit the site without the need of downloading the application of this site.


Whether for the first time or already visited this gambling site of Indonesia have safe betting online that is hassle free to gain more from this Asia’s No: 1soccer gambling agent that is also official site of Poker and Domino. Have unlimited fun while playing on this site that is safe, trusted and most reliable gambling agent of Indonesia to play Soccer online, poker online, domino online, baccarat slots and casino.

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