You will be amazed to know that Dominoes is one of the oldest strategy games. There are lots of things about this game that will leave you stunned. There was a time when it used to be the most favorite game in the world. And it seems like the trend is changing again. People are using platforms like DominoQQ to get involved in the game. So, here are some facts that are worth knowing about Dominoes.

  • It is not clear when the game was invented but the historians believe that it existed in the Chinese culture around the time 1100AD.
  • The game arrived in the European country around the 18th
  • A similar game to dominoes was also found in Egypt during the excavation of the Tutankhamen’s tomb which dates back to 1355 BC.
  • There is more than one version of dominoes game all around the globe with few similarities.
  • The first World Domino Tournament was held in Las Vegas in the year 2005 and more than 40 countries participated in it.
  • The world record for the maximum number of dominoes set up and toppled is 4,002,136.
  • Even though the game is played in various parts across the globe, it is most popular in Cuba, Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, and other Latin American Countries.

As there are many versions of the game, some basic rules stay the same such as:

  • The dominoes are mixed up and then laid face down.
  • Each player can draw 7 dominoes at once and set them so that the opponent can’t see the dots.
  • The players play one domino in turn in order to match the domino which is already played.
  • The game ends when one player has played all their dominoes or all players are blocked.
  • The player will be the person who has fewest spots left or the one who gets out first.

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