Introduction to the W88 Club- Make It Big

W88 is the most comfortable sports betting online and world’s leading gaming website. W88 Club offers the new perspective with many exclusive benefits and privileges and offers the top gaming experience online to their members. They main goal is to deliver an ultimate VIP gaming to the whole world. They offer the world’s best service with many personalization and professionalism. The highly valuable members of fundamentals form their VIP team.  And it has got the interactive VIP gaming, chats, discussions as well as delivers best of the player’s satisfaction. Suppose one wants to be the member of W88 club, check your eligibility & experience the new benefits as VIP special treatment. When you register, you have to place the first bets and actively play, you are invited by system management on the regular basis for joining your VIP program. There’s not any monthly and annual fee to become the member of VIP Club.

Exclusive Levels of VIP club

There’re 4 exclusive levels at VIP w88 club and it provides ‘good customer experience’ at all four different levels of VIP club.

    Blue Level

The player may get in VIP blue level that is based on system invitation. Suppose the account is active every day and has minimum of 4 successful deposits, player gets the invitation to join Blue VIP level. VIP blue gets the live casino rebate about 0.5%. This has the good discount for w88 rewards redemption over 5% off. Blue VIP members also are eligible for reward points. Also, expiry date for reward points is valid for 6 months and has the lifetime membership to the players.

    Gold Level

Gold VIP level actually has the welcome bonus of 128 MYR. It has the live casino rebate 0.6% and has the mandatory prior deposit & withdrawal rules for the players. It provides complete access to W VIP Club. All VIP gold members will be eligible for the W VIP Club promotion. They’ve eligibility for the reward points as well as have expiration after 12 months.

    Platinum Level

Platinum VIP level of W88 has the welcome bonus of 218 MYR. The live casino rebate will be 0.7% and is offered only to platinum VIP level. This has the special birthday treats for the members on birthday month. The priority deposit & withdrawal is must here. This has the full access to their club. This offers the personal manager for W VIP account.

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