Unfortunately, there are a lot of con artists around the world, scammers who thrive in stealing people’s money unknowingly especially online. These criminals walk about with counterfeit products, false services, and phishing activities that steal information from credit cards and bank accounts and this kind of crimes is not new in online casinos.

In this article, Ceme Online will give an examination about the possibilities of getting conned and scammed with fake online slots and how to spot a fake one from the real ones, but it is a rarity nowadays to come across a shady online casino site, but still, online gamblers and online casino enthusiasts must still be very vigilant all the time to ensure that their online casino website is trustworthy to avoid becoming part of a growing statistic of people getting victimized by fraudulent crimes.

Before we proceed with the rest of the article, we all know that slot games in online casinos is one of the most popular casino games being played nowadays. In conventional brick-and-mortar casinos, these are called slot machines but in the virtual world, there are tons of different kinds of slot games that you can choose from with different themes, gameplay, and exciting prizes no wonder conmen and scammers consider this as their favourite bait to lure their victims.


Not to make you wait longer, here is the list.

  • What is a fake slot? To identify a fake slot, you should always remember that the online gambling industry is implementing very strict and stringent regulations, but there are always instances out there where an unlicensed online casino will operate without being traced and unsuspecting online casino players will sign-up to play different slot games that are very enticing to refuse. In the end, these unknowing online casino gamblers will fall into the trap of these unlicensed online casino sites that turns out to be a fake. (Important note: Always do a research about identifying fake online casino sites from the real ones, or much better, read reviews and visit online casino forums).
  • How to identify a fake slot? Each casino slot uses a random number generator which is primarily designed to give out a spinning combination wherein licensed and trustworthy online casinos uses this kind of technology or method with an independent international regulator. This means, that there is no cheating or glitch that might affect the winning chances of the player. A fake slot game is unregulated and does not have a proper name or address of its software developer. This means that it is pretty difficult to trace the origins of its developer, much worse, it is a fake slot that awaits you to deposit money or place your bet.
  • How to prevent yourself from becoming a victim? It should your top priority in thinking where to sign up and register an account to play online slots and other online casino games with your eyes wide open and fully aware of what kind of site you are frequently visiting. You should practice scrutiny in this kind of recreation to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of fake online slots.

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